Three Simple Ways to Recover After the Holidays

From Thanksgiving to the New Year can get a bit excessive. There are many celebrations, gift exchanges, and time away from work that can end up costing you a lot and having you pack on a few extra pounds. Don’t worry – there are a few simple ways to recover from this stretch and feel good while doing it.

Sell the Excess

Spend a little more than you wanted to over the holidays? It’s hard to plan a gift budget sometimes, and there are so many deals in late November and December that are tough to resist. A quick and easy way to earn some money back is selling things you don’t need. 

The best way to fetch the biggest return is gathering all your unused jewellery, precious metals, high-end watches and bags, coins, scrap metals, and similar authentic items, and visit your local pawn brokers. You can easily get cash for your gold in Toronto at current and fair market prices. Look for a reputable establishment that prides itself on customer service, transparency, and discretion.  

Eat Right

Even if you’ve tried to be more diligent with your eating habits over the holidays, it’s hard to avoid richer meals and sugary treats here and there. Plus, it’s difficult to get enough physical activity when it’s cold outside to burn those excess calories off. Crash dieting is not the answer to recover from holiday eating; in fact, it can cause more problems in the long run.

This is because when you dramatically cut calories way down, your body thinks you’re starving and your metabolic rate drops. Then, you end up having intense cravings to replace the weight you’ve unhealthily lost during this period. Your body is working inefficiently, and you want to eat everything in sight. 

Instead, eat the proper amounts of healthy foods and get about 30 minutes of exercise a day. Cut out sugar, preservatives, trans fats, and other foods that cause inflammation and bloating. Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits. They’ll fill you up with fewer calories and provide lots of nutrients and leave you feeling amazing.

Exercise in Winter

When it’s cold, it’s harder to be active, and no one wants to make a chilly commute to the gym, either. Gym memberships go way up during the holidays and when a new year is going to begin. A lot of people fail to keep this up past a few months. Going to the gym regularly takes dedication beyond the small spike in motivation that comes during the holidays, so it won’t last if that’s the only driving force. Instead, make it easier to get physical activity that doesn’t require an expensive gym fee and transportation. 

Yoga, dancing, targeted exercises (like push-ups and sit-ups), free weights, a chin-up bar, and stationary exercise machines are all relatively inexpensive or free ways to work out at home. A machine will cost you, but it’s still cheaper than a gym membership, and it’s much easier to get to! 

You can also bundle up and go for thirty minutes walks around your neighbourhood each day – do your errands by foot instead of car or bus and knock-out a bunch of things on your to-do list. Spend time with your friends and family by doing winter sports or taking walks together.

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