Best Value Travel Destinations in 2019

When it comes to traveling and travel planning, few things are more rejoicing than finding a great deal. Budgetary constraints can often make dream vacations seem out of reach, but as any frequent traveler will tell you, almost any destination in the world can be expensive or affordable depending on the decisions you make, how you spend your money and the tips and tricks that you know. In fact, countries usually considered as expensive can be budget-friendly if you skip visiting them in the high-season or find affordable accommodation or take advantage of free museum passes. 

Moving around also affects your travel budget. Travelers are advised to take advantage of public transport is an efficient way of exploring the whereabouts on a budget. However, at times, especially if you’re travelling with children, renting a car can be a wise decision. Navigating the car rental process can be difficult, but buying a car rental insurance policy can be more stressing and even pricier than the rental itself. To avoid throwing your best-value holidays out of the window, we suggest you to look into serious companies as this one.

With all this said, let’s look at the best travel destinations on a budget for 2019!

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a peaceful and strikingly beautiful country that travelers can visit without breaking the bank. With its green mountains, extensive vineyards, refreshing waterfalls and turquoise rivers, the scenery of this country will definitely take your breath away. It’s a culturally rich country, with Eastern and Western influences that can be appreciated everywhere.

Sarajevo and Mostar are the most visited cities. It won’t be difficult for you to find free-walking tours. Many art and history museums or historic buildings are either free or cost only a few dollars to visit. Mosques and churches, on the other hand, are always free, though they may be close to the public during service hours. 

Even though the Tunnel Museum and the Galerija 11/07/1975 are pricier, you really shouldn’t miss exploring these war-related sights. 

Accommodation in this European country is quite affordable as well and you’ll easily find a hotel, motel or guest-house that suits your budget.


Many travelers are probably surprised to find a western European country amongst the best value travel destinations for 2019. But Portugal is an affordable place to visit due to its good-value accommodation, its tasty and abundant meals and its reasonably-priced network of buses and trains that makes commuting from one place to the other comfortable and cheap.

With its stunning architecture, its jaw-dropping scenery, its world-famous surf beaches such as Sagres, Arrifana or Praia do Carcavelos, its tasty food and friendly people, Portugal has something to offer to every traveler.

Lisbon and Porto are two of the most popular Portuguese cities but you can’t miss Coimbra or Nazareth if you can devote more time to explore the country. Lisbon is particularly fascinating, with its rich history, its beautiful architecture and its extraordinary cultural life. Enjoy the scenic trains and tram cars, the stunning elevators  that take you to the upper part of the city and its fantastic museums such as the Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga, Museu Caloste Gulbenkian, the Museu Nacional do Azulejo or the Museu do Fado.


Those looking for an affordable but closer to home destination should not look much further and go to Canada.

Montreal is particularly attractive as it seduces visitors with its combination of romantic cobblestone streets and a modern downton core. With a strong French heritage, locals are warm and friendly and open to tourists. They are used to meeting young people from almost anywhere and they’ll make you feel more than welcome! 

Food lovers will have a blast here! Montreal is proud of its dynamic culinary scene, with deep roots in French cooking. Yummy indeed! And to make it even more attractive, eating out in Montreal won’t make you break the bank!

From the cultural point of view, Montreal is definitely worth a visit. You can’t miss the Old Montreal, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, St Joseph’s Oratory, Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal, the Montreal Holocaust Museum or the Museum of Archaeology and History.


No, you’ve not misread the country: Qatar can be an affordable destination for visitors interested in exploring an exotic destination. Despite being the richest country in the world, you don’t need to break the bank to enjoy a couple of days in Qatar. 

Accommodation, which is probably the most significant cost in any trip can be easily alleviated if you transit through Doha for a few days thanks to Qatar Airway’s Stopover Program. It’s an interesting program that waives visa fees from 80 countries and provides accommodation at luxury hotels for 2 nights for a very low booking fee. You should really look into this program and see if you can take advantage of it”

Qatar is a land of contrasts, and it’s probably that dichotomy what makes this country so interesting. Doha, the capital, is cosmopolitan and modern. It’s got a joyful and active nightlife and many restaurants where visitors can try delicious local dishes and international cuisine as well. From the cultural point of view, Doha is magnet for art and culture lovers thanks to its thriving art scene. Just to mention the most relevant ones we can mention: the Museum of Islamic Art, the National Museum of Qatar or the Arab Museum of Modern Art. The rest of the country will seduce you with its extensive sand dunes, its traditional and exotic Bedouin camps and its more traditional way of life.


This small European country doesn’t make it to many travel bucket lists and it has been off the radar of travelers for decades. However, it is packed with natural and cultural attractions that make of it one of the best value for travel destinations in the world. 

Beaches in Albania are stunning, the food scene is exciting with delicious dishes based on fruits and the undeniable Greek and Italian influences and some serious archaeological sights.

History lovers will have a blast at the Albanian archaeological sites such as Apollonia and Butrint.

The mountainous scenery is stunning and invites tourists to explore them. Tirana, the capital, is small and buzzy and has a vibrant nightlife. Besides, this lively city has an interesting variety of museums and art galleries that is definitely worth enjoying such as BunkArt2, the Museum of Medieval Art or the National History Museum. 


Pacific islands are usually considered paradisiac destinations affordable only to a few lucky ones. However, Fiji is relatively cheap to visit. Despite there are some highly expensive resorts, it is possible to enjoy the country’s pristine beaches, the delicious seafood and the top diving opportunities without losing all your money in the deed. 

Fiji Airlines usually offers a lot of flight deals that makes it really affordable to reach this attractive destination. In fact, many backpackers take advantage of these deals and stay in cheap guest houses or camping sites and enjoy the jaw-dropping scenery and water sport activities that you can enjoy there.  

  Fiji is all about slowing down and enjoying the scenery. It invites you to relax, lay back and indulge in pleasant activities. Water sport lovers can go diving, snorkeling or swimming and it’s also a great destination for hiking!

Valparaíso, Chile

If you’d like to explore the south of the American continent, spending some time in Valparaíso, Chile, can be a great idea. Known as the “Jewel of the Pacific”, it is a lively Chilean city with an artistic and bohemian atmosphere that makes it absolutely lovely. 

Take your time to explore the local life! There are many beautiful parks and plazas such as De La Victoria or Italia. If you’d like to add some excitement to your holidays, we invite you to climb up the 42 hills of the city! Or you may consider taking one of the eight funiculars to the top. Once at the top, you’ll be overwhelmed by the stunning panoramic views. Cerro Alegre or Cerro Concepción are particularly attractive. 

La Sebastiana, one of the homes of the world-famous Chilean poet Pablo Neruda, is located in Valparaíso and it is one of those attractions that you simply can’t miss. You’ll be able to appreciate diverse objects that Neruda used daily when he lived there. 

Once in Valparaíso, you can rent a car and drive north towards smaller beach towns such as Reñaca or Concon where you’ll find charming inns and beautiful beaches.

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