Best Countries to Visit Around the World with Legalized Weed

More and more destinations around the world are getting on board with legalizing medical or recreational use or marijuana, especially within North America. Not only does it produce a relaxing high with essentially no health concerns, it is also being used by medical professionals to treat health issues ranging from anxiety to glaucoma and even has benefits for cancer patients. Canada has even made it possible to grow a large number or medical plants for personal use – if you’re a Canadian citizen and this interests you, find out how to get an ACMPR license. Whether you are keen on travelling to Canada or you want to travel somewhere else in the world, consider visiting one of these cities with legalized cannabis.

The Netherlands

It has been a well-known fact among world travelers for many years now that Amsterdam is the place to go if you want to partake in cannabis. The city has been home to recreational weed for decades, and even though it is not technically legalized it is possible to buy cannabis at a number of coffee shops throughout the city that have gained permits by the government to obtain and distribute the drug. It is such a culturally diverse city with beautiful architecture and a stunning canal channel looping throughout the area, so definitely consider booking a flight ticket.

United States

In 2018, there are nine states within America that allow for recreational use of cannabis. Another thirty states allow for medical use and this number continues to grow. You can legally light up for fun in California, Alaska, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, Vermont, Washington, and even the capital city of Washington, D.C. Of these states, some of the most fun to visit are Colorado, Washington, and California. Light up a joint before hitting the slopes in Vail, Colorado or explore the eclectic of Seattle after taking a bong hit. Wherever you choose to travel, definitely come to the States to take full advantage of legalized weed.


Medical use of cannabis has been allowed for nearly twenty years now, and Health Canada even grants licenses to growers for medical plant growth as well as production and distribution of medical weed. Even for personal medicinal use, you could be granted as many as 500 plants. As far as legal recreational weed goes, Canada just made marijuana accessible and legal across the entire country as of October 17th, 2018. You can have it sent to where you’re staying from an online dispensary. That or walk into a regular dispensary and see which strains you like. Many people around the world as taking this as an experiment to see how legalization within the entire country pan out.


Although recreational cannabis is not officially legalized in Spain, the government has decriminalized the drug. This means that you won’t get in trouble even if you are caught with the drug and you won’t face any jail time. There are cannabis clubs throughout Spain that produce weed and sell it at cost to its customers – the highest volume of these clubs is in Barcelona, where you’re likely to pass one on every street you stroll down.

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