5 Must Have Business Tools While Traveling

For entrepreneurs and business owners, it’s hard enough finding time to handle all of the critical tasks you have to tackle on a daily basis. Once you add travel to the mix, it becomes even more difficult.

Thankfully, some indispensable tools can help people on the go get more done than ever before while also keeping a watchful eye on their business at home. Today, we’ll cover five of the most important business tools while traveling.

#1 A VPN

First things first, any traveling business person needs to have a VPN. Also known as a virtual private network, a VPN works to encrypt transmissions from your computer to keep you safe from prying eyes and hackers.

A VPN encrypts your data immediately and routes it through a server somewhere else in the world before transmitting your data to its destination. This makes what you’re doing online anonymous, and most importantly, it protects your data from falling into the wrong hands.

As a business person who is often dealing with proprietary data, and a traveler who is regularly using unsecured Wi-Fi networks, investing in a VPN should be the first thing you do before you board your next flight.

Thankfully, VPNs typically range from $3-10 per month, and there are even some free options available as well, so you’ll be able to keep yourself secure without breaking the bank.

#2 PMO Software

If you have team members to manage, or products of your own to get to work on while you’re traveling, a mobile PMO software is one of the greatest business tools while traveling that you can have.

PMO software allows employees to collaborate remotely, log their tasks within the project, and communicate with other members of the team from start to finish. Project managers like Bea at Hook Agency rely on PMO software to stay on top of all their projects, whether they’re in the office or halfway around the world.

Most PMO software has robust mobile apps that provide the same level of functionality as the desktop versions, so you’ll be able to effectively manage your team or collaborate on projects from anywhere in the world.

#3 Loungebuddy

Anyone who often travels for work knows that airport lounges represent some of the best places to get work done. Loungebuddy makes it easy for you to find all of the lounges in the airport so you can pop in and get some work done while you’re waiting for your next flight.

Within the Loungebuddy app, you’ll be able to see each lounge in the airport, find information about amenities, pricing, and hours of operation. You can even book many of the paid lounges within a given airport directly from the app, which helps save even more time.

If you find yourself getting some of your best work done from the airport lounge, Loungebuddy should quickly become one of your favorite business tools while traveling. 

#4 Expensify

Whether you’re your own boss, or you work for a larger company, tracking your expenses while traveling is something we all need to do. While it should be easy to do, tracking all your expenses while traveling can sometimes be a major headache, and doing a poor job of tracking expenses can cost you money, too.

Expensify makes this process exceptionally easy. The Expensify app connects to your credit or debit card account and tracks each purchase you make, automatically logging each purchase and placing it into an expense report which can be downloaded at any time.

If you’re paying in cash, snap a quick photo of your receipt and Expensify logs the info from that receipt and adds it to your report, too. 

Thanks to this tiny app, reporting your business expenses has never been easier, and that’s why Expensify is one of the most important business tools while traveling. 

#5 RescueTime

Even the most diligent of workers sometimes find themselves losing time they could have spent working because they’re distracted or procrastinating. This can be especially true when you’re on the road without set hours.

RescueTime is a productivity tool that tracks exactly how you spend your time on your connected devices. Each week, they send a report that breaks down exactly how you spend your time. You can also receive push notifications that alert you when you’ve hit limits for certain activities, such as social media, or when you’ve reached a productivity goal.

This tiny app is a great way to learn when you’re at your most and least productive, so you can learn how to use your time more wisely each day. 

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